Springtime is fast approaching and with warmer weather comes more opportunities to clean up and fix up parts of your home. Warmer weather makes maintenance projects something to look forward to after a long, chilly winter. Your home’s windows require proper maintenance to ensure functionality and efficiency. When windows are neglected after a severe winter, they will be unable to protect your home, keep cold air in and hot air out during the summertime. 

When preparing your home for this summer, ensure you use the following four tips to maintain your windows.

1. Check On The Weatherstripping

At the start of each season, you should check on your windows and doors. Examine the weatherstripping on your windows for damage or deterioration. Weatherstripping is a crucial part of protecting your home from outside elements. The airtight material insulates the area between the pane and the sash of the window. As durable as weatherstripping material is, if it is not maintained, it will begin to degrade and become unable to withstand the weather elements. One of the biggest risks you face when failing to maintain the weatherstripping is the likelihood of rain leaking into the home. Deteriorated weatherstripping could also impact your home’s energy bill. If you detect any cracking in the stripping, ensure you have it replaced.

2. Examine The Window Caulking

Along with checking the weatherstripping on a window, you should be looking at its caulking as well. Window caulking functions as a barrier between the siding and the windows. Similar to weatherstripping, caulking material can deteriorate over time when it is not maintained. This can also lead to higher energy costs and a lack of home protection.

3. Thoroughly Clean Your Windows

Windows should be cleaned regularly to ensure longevity and maintain appearance. Dirt and debris can break down the windows surface, especially when you aren’t applying a thorough cleaning on the interior and exterior of the windows. Use the following tips for window cleaning:

  • Use a water, soap, and window cleaning solution.
  • Apply it to a dry, clean cloth and begin cleaning from the top-down of the window.
  • Ensure all cleaner is removed from the windows to avoid stains, streaks, and glares.
  • Dry the windows thoroughly along with the sills to prevent mould or mildew from developing.

4. Replace Old Windows

Unfortunately, regardless of how effectively and often you clean and maintain windows, you will need to replace them at some point in time. Newer windows will be far more energy-efficient, to cut down costs on your energy bills. Advance Windows & Doors carries a vast selection of durable, stylish, and affordable windows in Mississauga that will suit your home perfectly.

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