No matter whether you are working on a remodel or building a new house, you might be thinking about installing an interior or exterior door yourself rather than hiring a professional to do it for you. But, you might be wondering whether this is a good idea or not. Keep reading if you want to know what decision is right for you.

What to Consider Before You Attempt a DIY Door Installation

DIY door installations can be pretty straightforward if you have the skills, tools and knowledge to get the job done. But here are some things that you should consider before your DIY door installation.

Is it a Pre-hung Door?

Pre-hung doors will already be attached to a door frame, which helps simplify the installation process.

Will the New Door Fit into the Existing Frame?

If the door is a slab door, then you need to think about whether or not it fits into the existing frame. If it does not, then that means you will need to put in a lot more work since the frame will have to be replaced.

Are You able to Transport the Door?

You will need to use a truck or a big can to transport one or more doors, since they can be quite large, wide and bulky.

Will You Have the Tools Needed?

Depending on the job, you might need a reciprocating saw, level, pry bar, measuring tape, caulk and a calk gun, a hammer, nails, screwdriver and other tools.

Do You Have Experience?

If you are an experienced DIYer, installing a door might not be too hard for you, but the project can be difficult if you are a first-timer.

Will it be Worth Your Time?

It might take you eight hours or longer to replace your door. Contractors are able to get the job done much quicker, particularly if there will be multiple workers on site.

DIY can be a great option for some people, but hiring a professional will also have its benefits. If you hire a pro for your door installation, then you can enjoy some other added benefits:
– You might be able to get a free consultation and quote. Door installers will be able to give you free consultation and quote that is based on the specifics of your project.
– They will be knowledgeable. As door install specialists, contractors will understand everything they need to know about installing doors and will be able to overcome any issues that might arise and sidetrack your project.
– They will have all the right tools for the job. Your contractor will be equipped with all of the tools, supplies and gear that they need to get the job done properly.
– Your door installation will most likely come with a warranty. Along with the warranty that the door manufacturer gives, contractors will usually also provide you with a workmanship warranty to help guarantee their work will be done correctly.