Signs That It is Time to Replace Your Home Windows

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Your windows are one of the most important features to your home; they can increase the overall value of your house, can increase the curb appeal, provide natural light into your home, and lower your energy bill. While windows do not last forever, a high-quality window could last for over 15 years. If your windows are more than 15 years old, they may start telling you that they want to be replaced.

In this blog, we will provide the most popular signs that it is time to replace your home windows.

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The Window is Warped, Broken or Damaged

In some cases, it may be possible to repair a window instead of replacing them, but this is only if the problem is minor. If the window is damaged or warped, it’s always better to replace the window to ensure that your windows won’t be causing any problems in the future. Windows can be operable if they are slightly damaged but they can develop further problems if not in good shape.

You have a High Energy Bill

Windows allow sunshine to enter your house and this can provide an extra boost of heat during the winter. On the other hand, damaged windows can cause higher energy bills because the cold air will find its way into your home, making your heating unit work harder than it should.

Condensation Issues

If you are located in an area that is susceptible extreme cold and warm weather, you may notice condensation on your windows early in the morning. The effect of humidity and dew can create condensation, and if your windows are old or feature small cracks, that moisture can find its way into your home. When this happens, you are at a higher risk of growing mold inside of your house, which can end up causing respiratory and health problems.


If you your bedroom is right next to a tree, you may get to hear the beautiful songs that birds sing throughout the day. However, when you want to get your beauty sleep, getting woken up by their songs will make you want to cut the tree down! Don’t worry, you don’t have to do this! All you have to do is replace your windows with energy efficient windows that will absorb the sound from the birds playing outside. When you want to hear their songs, you can just open up the window and sing along with them.

You Want to Renovate Your Home

Windows are considered one of the most dominant features of your home and if they appear worn out your property will look out of date. Get up close to see if your windows or the frames are decaying. If you have noticed that your windows have been leaking recently, it is a good sign that your frames are rotting and need to be replaced.

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