Smart home technology has evolved tremendously in the past few years. A smart home nowadays means much more than being able to turn on light bulbs from your phone or see who’s at the front door. Home appliances, thermostats and windows can now be integrated with digital assistants to make your home more secure and comfortable.

Here are the five latest smart home window solutions that you should consider when planning your next home renovation project.

Automatic Shades

Window blinds are great for blocking light and providing privacy, but did you know that they can do a lot more than just open and close? Motorized window blinds allow you to control your blinds from your phone or a remote. You can even schedule the blinds to operate automatically during the day when you’re not home.

Motorized blinds help boost the energy efficiency of your home by providing the necessary insulation and light control. You can also set them to open gradually in the mornings so that you wake up naturally and more peacefully.

Smart Tint

With smart tint on your windows, you’ll no longer need blinds or curtains for insulation and privacy. You can instantly turn your windows from transparent to utterly opaque on demand. This product is ideal if you want additional privacy and control over the impact of outside weather conditions on your home.

Electrochromic/Smart Glazing

Smart glazing is similar to smart tint with one big difference. Smart glazing can tint itself automatically, depending on the amount of sunlight. The latter is measured with a sensor usually installed outside the property. The sensor is constantly communicating with the glazing and signals automatic tinting when it detects excessive brightness. You can even adjust the glazing colour, opacity intensity or program the glass to tint based on the outside temperature.

Bird-friendly Windows

You’ve probably never given this much thought, but up to a billion birds die or get injured from colliding into windows each year. A new, patterned window coating is now available to protect birds. It uses birds’ ability to see ultraviolet light to create a barrier that is invisible to the human eye but visible to birds.

Automated Skylights

Skylights are commonly found in many homes but often serve no more use than a static window as they are so far from reach. With automated skylights, you can now open them up to increase airflow and schedule them to open and close automatically. Most also come with rain sensors and will automatically close when it’s raining.

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