Canadian winters are harsh and long and in order to get through this season, you need the right windows because they are crucial components of a home. There is not one specific window style that is best for winter and you will have options in terms of the glass type, which is what your decision should ultimately be based on. The glass is the portion of the window that will affect the comfort level of your home, so you need to understand the different types that are available.

If you are planning on replacing your home’s windows, the following are a few elements you need to consider:

The Direction Of Your Windows
This is a very important aspect that will help you regulate the temperature of your home, so consider the direction your windows are facing with respect to each room. If you happen to have south-facing windows that are large, they will likely be responsible for a fair amount of heat gain and this can cause that room to get very warm, so you can take advantage of this natural heat by selecting Low-E glass.

Dual Or Tri-pane Windows
These windows have multiple panes of glass that offer maximum insulation. Dual-pane windows are perfect for provinces that experience mild winters but if you live in a climate that experiences very cold winters, tri-pane windows are ideal because they provide more insulation and your home will be warm and more comfortable as a result.

This, too, is a very important aspect to consider, so before you select your window type, check to see that it is recognized in terms of energy efficiency by looking for the ENERGY STAR symbol. This symbol will indicate that the product is certified as energy efficient and this particular symbol is internationally recognized and is the trusted mark of high efficiency. The reason this aspect is so important is because these types of windows help keep a home cool during the summer and also help trap in warm air during the winter, so you will not have to run your furnace as much to remain comfortable. This is a huge bonus and this aspect will make a world of difference, so it is a must.

If your current windows are old or you notice that they are not functioning properly, it would be wise to replace them so that you get through the winter season. Single pane windows are problematic and cannot offer you the insulation or the protection you need, especially when it’s cold, so you need to upgrade to dual or tri-pane windows, both of which will increase your home’s comfort. Additionally, these newer windows will also reduce your heating bill and the energy efficient aspect will increase the overall value of your home, so there are a number of advantages to having them replaced.

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