The Best Home Renovation Projects for the Summer

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Home renovation projects if your list is like mine, it never seems to end! This season brings about beautiful evening strolls, beach trips and finally making it that water park in the next town. Summer is also a great time to tackle the following chores and strike them off your to-do list!

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The Deck


It can be your favourite spot to sit and play host and it can also be a bit of an eyesore if it has not been properly maintained. If your deck is made of wood, it might need a good facelift. Replace any boards that have seen better days, power spray or sand to remove old paint or stain, and then choose your next stain or paint colour. If your deck is made from a composite, it will still benefit from a good cleaning and make sure that it has not suffered any damage that might leave sharp edges for small toes to catch.


The House Exterior


Your home, like anything else, looks far better when it is clean. Take a hose to the siding, clear all the cobwebs, and wash off any mud or other debris. If it needs to be painted, stained, sealed or if some siding needs to be replaced, now is a great time to get it done before cold weather hits again. Ensure that you leave a few hot days on either end so that the exterior finish has time to dry and cure before any rainy elements hit it.


The Roof


If your shingles are waving in the wind or raising a salute, it is time to replace them. Summer brings on heat, but it is also the safest season to be up that high working – you won’t have to worry about ice or snow making you lose your footing. You will also want to ensure that the plywood underneath is in good shape (if not, you will have to replace that too) You can save some hard-earned bucks by doing the job yourself or hiring a local contractor to take care of the project for you. Either way, make sure the job is done correctly so that it will last the full life cycle and you will avoid any dreaded telltale leak signs in your ceilings.




Planting trees, shrubs, flower or veggie beds or even laying sod can be done this season, providing you are going to water consistently. Summer heat can be hard on newly planted greenery so keep an eye out for signs of wilting and water in the early mornings or evenings so that you lose less water to evaporation. Choose the right plants for your zone; plants that are not grown for your zone will suffer and will demand more of your time and attention if they have any chance of surviving the elements. A plant that thrives in your climate will be far easier to care for.




Sometimes, the minor changes can make the biggest differences when it comes to renovating your house. Installing, painting, and the final touches will improve the overall look of your home. The summer is when you will be able to open your windows to let the summer air in and to display you new and unique windows. Which type, colour, stain, and design will your windows have this summer?




The entrance door might be the most important renovation needed this summer. The front door is the gateway into your home, almost the first impression before entering. A beautiful door can improve the first impression that is very vital for people. This summer, we recommend that our clients should take a chance to try something truly original and unique for the best possible results. For all of our doors, please give us a call for an inquiry.


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