Daylight can brighten up a home in ways that lighting fixtures cannot and is a great illumination technique that is sometimes taken for granted. Many homeowners do not realize how much lighting they can gain simply by allowing daylight into their house. This would not only provide you with health benefits that come with a healthy exposure to sunlight, but would help reduce your monthly energy bills as well, and this is a huge bonus. These are just some reasons why you should consider this natural alternative, and if you are interested in letting the light in, there are certain window types that will help you make the most out of daylight.

The following are the four best windows that will allow for maximum daylight:

Picture Windows

This type of window will offer you the best viewing and daylighting experience, thanks to the fact that they are floor-to-ceiling windows. This type of unobstructed glass surface will allow a lot of sunlight to come into your home and will create a bright and airy environment. If you are worried about the harmful effects of the sun rays because of the wide glass surface, you can eliminate this concern because it is possible to negate the effects with high performing glass options that are available.

Sliding Windows

This type of window will provide you with the best energy efficiency, and the wide glass area will allow a lot of light to enter into your home. These windows are operable, so you would be able to enjoy the outdoor breeze anytime you want. Look for fibreglass frames because these would allow for a wider glass area, so a great amount of daylight would enter your home.

Bay And Bow Windows

Not only are these windows large and elegant, they also provide an incredible field of view, which can elevate the appearance of any room. You will have a bright sitting area that would be very inviting, and the room will look and feel bigger once these windows are installed. You would have maximum daylight entering your home because of the large glass areas, and the glass itself would be energy-efficient.

Casement Windows

Like its sliding counterpart, this window style allows cross-ventilation, and if your casement windows are framed with vinyl, you will get the daylight you are after to illuminate your home and increase energy efficiency. If you want to achieve maximum daylighting, it is best to get windows that have fewer frames and more glass.

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