Does Changing Your Doors and Windows Increase Your Homes Sale Value?

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When you think renovations, you might lean towards those things that automatically give visiting guests a clue as to where your dollars were spent. An updated bathroom or kitchen can have amazing visual impact, as well as having your entire interior repainted. For resale value, far less sexy but just as important to potential buyers, your doors and windows are high on the list of important renovations that will give you a great return on investment. There are certainly some renovations that will give you a greater return than others. If you want to recoup your expense someday, the key is to inject just enough of your personality to enjoy the home while you are in residence but not to deter someone else from buying. The addition of a music studio, for example, will not be appealing enough to the market at large so that you will see a worthy return on the money spent. Although not an investment that will initially jump out at you, new windows and doors can certainly update the exterior of your home and improve its curbside appeal a great deal. Think about the homes you have seen who have recently replaced their windows and the difference it made going from the old, potentially cracked and worn frames to a new white vinyl. A new door can also turn a drab entrance into one with high visual interest. Although new windows and doors primarily serve the home in a functional manner, do not underestimate their visual appeal. Typically when these elements of a home are upgraded, there is a very respectable 85% return on investment. Your door takes a substantial amount of abuse from the elements, from pets and from the daily use by your family. They face winter storms and summer heat, and these days they are built as energy efficiently as possible. Your old door may have been made before technology had the means to deliver a door that had a superior seal and ability to keep your furnace workload down. A replacement can mean you see a reduction in your bills and the addition of years to your furnaces life. Widows are very similar; they are the means by which we welcome daylight and we expect them to keep winter chill at bay. With the recent advances in window design and development, your older windows just may not stand up to the test of time. Updating your windows and doors is one of the main things that a real estate agent will tell you can increase the value of your home. Whether you are planning to sell, or simply want to maximize the borrowing potential against the investment of your primary residence, this is a great way to do it. You will also appreciate the difference it makes in the enjoyment of your home while you live there. Housing prices are on the rise, and it pays to maximize the potential value of your home and enjoy the increase it can make for your most valuable asset.




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