If your windows are not functioning as well as they should be, it can be due to a few common window problems that you may be able to fix. Not every problem will require a full window replacement and a repair might do the trick, so if you notice any of the following issues, you may be able to get your window functioning properly again in no time:


Caulking can help solve this problem most of the time and if you seal all the visible gaps along the exterior you will likely see a big difference. You will need to use a tube of caulk and a caulk gun, both of which you can purchase at a home hardware store, and let the material dry for a full day, after which you should feel a noticeable improvement. If you don’t feel a difference after having sealed the gaps, there may be a problem with the overall quality of the window, which you will have to replace.

Water on your glass

The build-up of moisture is what causes window condensation and will lead to water stains, the growth of mould, rotting wood and peeling paint. In order to reduce the moisture, you will have to improve the circulation of air, which you can do by running a dehumidifier. The addition of ventilation fans in your kitchen and bathrooms will also help make a big difference in reducing window condensation.

Difficulty opening slider windows

If you notice this problem, it is most likely because there is a build-up of dirt and grime along the track of your horizontal slider window, which is causing it to stick and getting in the way of your opening your window successfully. If this is the problem you’re experiencing, try coating your window tracks in baking soda and then pour a mixture of white vinegar and water on top. Allow it to fizzle for a few minutes, after which you must scrub the area using a toothbrush and wipe it dry using a paper towel.

Difficulty opening crank-operated windows

This problem is also due to maintenance, so cleaning and lubricating the window cranks should help resolve this issue. Remove the arm of the crank first and eliminate all the rust that has formed inside the gears using a wire brush, after which you must coat a toothbrush in cleaning liquid and use that to give it a thorough scrub. Dry the pieces with a rag and lubricate both the gears and the crank to see if your windows will function better.

If these tricks do not help, and you continue to experience problems, it’s time for a window replacement. If that’s the case, contact Advance Windows and Doors in Mississauga for high-quality products and services. They offer a selection of beautiful entrance doors as well as energy-efficient window options, so give them a call today!

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