Bedroom and basement windows have specific requirements to provide safety for the occupants while also meeting building codes. 

Provinces and municipalities all have their own building codes that contractors must follow and bedrooms must have a certain amount of characteristics to be legally deemed a bedroom. An egress window is part of the requirements as it provides occupants with a fast exit if they were to ever need one in case of an emergency. The window must be able to open from the inside and should not require the use of a key or any other tool that would complicate the process or make the exit challenging in any way if an occupant needed to exit the bedroom. The window should also not require any special knowledge that would have to be applied or the removal of hardware so that the exit process is fast and simple if the occupant were to do so from that particular window. 

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Specific dimensions and clearance are also required so that the window has a suitable opening that can be maintained without additional support in case of an emergency. Security bars can be present in most cases; however, they must be operable from the inside without having to use any tools or a specific key. The same would apply for any protective layers or enclosures the homeowner wishes to install, which will not be a problem so long as it can be opened from the inside easily without any equipment or special knowledge of that particular mechanism.

Basement windows come with their own set of codes and requirements to once again allow occupants with an easy, safe, and quick exit in case of an emergency. Occupants must have enough room to climb out and an awning window, for example, would have to have the appropriate clearance. A clear opening is always a must and the windows you install must make safety a priority. 

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