A broken window can happen at any time and while permanently repairing it may not be an option at the time, there are things you can do to fix it in the meantime.Safety always comes first so before you go to assess the damage, be sure to put on a pair of heavy duty work gloves to prevent any cuts or injuries to your hands. If you see that there are cracks but no actual pieces of glass are missing, carefully feel out the area and press on it gently to make sure no glass is going to fall out. If that is the case, you can place clear packing tape over the crack on both sides of the window. Start from the inside and if accessible, go outside and place more tape so that the crack is fully covered.

The next step is to look for any small holes in the window or any missing pieces of glass no matter how small or tiny. Once you’ve located these small holes, clear nail polish will do the trick. Apply it in small amounts, allow it to dry and then keep adding more coats so that you’re layering. Keep applying until the patches and holes are sealed.

If the broken area is too large to be sealed with tape or nail polish, clear plastic will be required to cover the area. Carefully remove all of the remaining glass shards with your heavy duty work gloves and measure the area so that you cover it with the right sized material. Cut several layers of the clear plastic in the size that you pre-measured and tape the plastic in place using the same packaging tape you would to cover a crack. Use your discretion for how many layers of the plastic should be used in order for the panel to be safe and secure.

Of course, these are all just temporary options and while the last thing we need in our lives is to repair a broken window, it will eventually have to be fixed in a more permanent manner. For safety, aesthetics and security, contacting a reputable company like Advance Windows & Doors is the right choice! If the time has come for you to fix or replace your windows and doors and you’re in the Mississauga area, give them a call and they’ll be sure to fix your broken problem in no time!