House doors and windows should be cleaned at least a couple of times a year to maintain cleanliness and shine. If you’re going to tackle this chore yourself, there are proper ways of doing it to make it look as though your windows and doors were cleaned professionally.

The first step is to wash the windows with a microfibre cloth using a bucket of water and dishwashing soap. Larger picture windows require larger cleaning tools, so if you can get your hands on something with a long handle, it would be ideal so that you can reach and clean the entire window. Cloths are perfect because they soak up a lot of water and eliminate dirt without causing any scratches.

The second step is to wipe the window clean using a squeegee. There is a trick to this, so try wiping using the right strokes so that you don’t get any watermarks. After each stroke, you must wipe the blade on a rag so that you can begin your new stroke with a clean blade. No matter how perfectly we try to clean windows, the chances are that you will still have some water stains that will need to be removed, especially on the edges so take a rag and use it to dry any leftover water stains.

The steps above apply to picture windows which are large in size, however, many homes have windows with multiple panes and this requires some additional cleaning steps. The first thing to do is to customize your squeegee so that you can use it for all the window panes. This may be tricky to, do, but it will really make a difference and allow you to clean your windows easily and produce great results.

You will then need a handheld sponge to scrub the windows you can reach. Try to use a firm sponge and a small amount of liquid soap and water to scrub away any dirt. Scrubbing in the same pattern will help make the window cleaner faster, so stick to the same motion. After this step has been completed, you can take your customized squeegee to remove the soap and water.

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