It’s important to care for your windows and doors, and now that most of us are working from home, dirt and grime will be far more noticeable on your glass. You can use this time in quarantine to clean the glass and remove the screens, and the following guide will help you do this properly so that your windows perform at their best while looking great.

Screens can be removed and reinstalled for cleaning purposes, and this should be your first step. Most windows have tabs, springs and releases, which keep the screens in place, and these components will allow you to remove the screens easily, although these parts have to be handled carefully; otherwise, they can snap or break. You shouldn’t have to use force during the screen removal process, and once the screens are removed, you can clean them gently by placing them on a flat surface. Mild soap, water and a soft brush should be used, and you need to rinse with clear water and wipe dry once you are finished.

Window frames require care as well, so make a cleaner in a bowl or bucket using mild soap that is non-abrasive and warm water. Wash your window and frames with this substance, and use a sponge or soft bristled brush to scrub your window. This will help lift the dirt, and it’s a must that you do this gently. Cleanse your sponge with clear, warm water to rinse away the dirt and soap mixture and wipe dry when finished using a lint-free cloth.

The most natural way to clean your windows is by mixing two cups of hot water with ¼ cup of vinegar and a tablespoon of cornstarch. It’s best to use newspaper to wipe the windows because this will not leave lint behind. This is the most effective solution, and you will have shiny and streak-free windows once you are done.

Quarantine has been challenging for most people, and a lot of us are struggling with the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. All of this is very normal, and doing activities around your house can improve both your mood and the appearance of your home. While chores are never fun, now is the time to complete the tasks you had been putting off and cleaning your windows is a great place to start. This will make a very big difference, and your home will look a lot cleaner overall. Dirt and grime will accumulate on windows over time, so you have to follow the right maintenance tips to keep your windows clean.

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