With the onset of spring, it is the perfect time to start getting ready to enjoy the summer. With the weather getting better, it may be time to think about replacing your old patio door. If you already have a patio door and are thinking about revamping it, there are many great ideas to do so. But before you start with the patio door revamping project, here are some things to consider.

Door Style
Depending on your patio design, your comfort and decor, you can choose between two main styles of patio doors – sliding patio doors and french patio doors. Sliding patio doors, also called as gliding doors, are one of the most conventional styles of the patio door. They comprise of a large transparent or opaque window-like structure with a locking mechanism. They are perfect if you are tight for space. Also, these type of doors offer maximum natural light. The French patio doors, also known as the swinging patio doors, are typically hinged at the sides. They meet in the middle when closed. One advantage of this style of door is that you can still create a large opening when you use both the doors.

There are many material options to choose for your patio door. Typically, wooden patio doors will offer a certain sophistication and class to your patio. As they can be customized in any colour, you can choose to create a statement out of your patio door with them. However, they definitely call for a lot of maintenance and care to keep them looking good and can be an expensive option. Vinyl is another common material used for patio doors. It is made from extremely strong plastic and is the most durable and energy efficient option. Vinyl can withstand extreme weather conditions and comes in several colours and finishes. Vinyl patio doors can be made quickly since they are mostly standard but they can also be customized. Many homeowners also choose fibreglass patio doors since they are highly customizable and need very little maintenance. The downside, however, is that they are quite pricey.

The configuration
Patio doors offer endless possibilities when it comes to deciding their configuration. Most patio doors are custom made since the patio space of each home is usually different. Patio doors can be highly customized in terms of choosing glass in a dual or triple pane, choosing a variety of tints or even some painted and treated glass. Many homeowners also like to use some peculiar styles like Georgian grille or a contour (Prairie-style) grille. A terrace/garden door style is also quite a popular configuration among homeowners.

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